Know What Coding Language Should I Learn First | High Paid Jobs

Know What Coding Language Should I Learn First | High Paid Jobs

Know What Coding Language Should I Learn First | High Paid Jobs

What Coding Language Should I Learn FirstAs I and You also know the Most Discussed/Searched Question among Youngsters|New Programmers On Google is What Coding Language Should I Learn First or sometimes Which is the Best Programming Language Should I Learn First|For Jobs. For Some Aspiring Developers, this important question ends being a stumbling block they never get over.

Most people generally search on Google like, “Learn ———” Then they get many results over Google like You Should Learn Java, Python, C, C++, etc. But at the end then we all probably search for something like this:” Which Coding Language Should I Learn For Jobs, Which Programming Language Should I Learn First, Best Programming Language to Learn 2018, Best Programming Language To Learn For Jobs in 2018 etc.

They stress over the question, “Which Coding Language Should I Learn First”? And this question is usually asked from Senior Programmers also, not only by Beginner Programmers.

If you are confused and have stressed over this, then This Post is For YOU.

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Also, there are so many suggestions/answers you get and as it is well said,”So many Options, So many Confusion“. So, it’s normal to get confused for almost every person.

But Today I will tell You the Most Important Factors which will help you to choose the most Perfect Programming Language.

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Language Doesn’t Matter That Much-What Coding Language Should I Learn

Yes, It might be surprising to you. But if You look from a different perspective, then you’ll agree that there is not much difference in the languages as most of the languages are interconnected or almost similar to learn. Yes, Syntax is different, Programming Language may look different, but at their core, they are very similar.

Similar things in Almost Every Programming Language

  • construction for looping is almost similar
  • basic construction for branching
  • calling methods


What Coding Language Should I LearnMany Programming Languages are that similar to each other that if you are well aware of one particular Programming Language then easily you can Learn the other Language. For example, C# and Java are very similar to learn to each other.

Learning Your First Programming Language is always the most difficult. If you have learned a Programming Language, then it becomes very easy to learn a second or another Programming Language. And when you know two or more Programming Language, each additional Programming Language is exponentially easier to learn.

Not only Programming Languages are very similar to learn than you might think, but you’ll also be able to switch to a different Programming Language and later you can learn it.

Suppose you are learning C language and then you decide it’s not the right one, or you Get a Job or You Get a Project where you’d be using a different Programming language, it’s not a big deal to quit that Programming Language at that time, you can easily quit that one.

Many of the times I read that in Big Companies, for example, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM etc., you have to solve the problem given to you, in whatever language You feel most comfortable doing it,doesn’t matter what Programming Language you are using to solve that problem.

So, let’s move to the Key Points of What Coding Language Should I Learn First 2018:

Key Factors/Points To Choose Best Programming Language in 2018

Here, I will discuss the Actual and Most Important Factors to Choose the Most Perfect Language. I still don’t think it matters all that much What Coding Language Should I Learn First in 2018. But if you are having issues/problems making a decision, here’s a list of at least 5 things to consider:

  • Programming Language that You are Interested in
  • Future and the Demand of that Programming Language | Technology
  • High Package | Salary for that particular Programming Language
  • Difficulty Level
  • Assets/Resources accessible to You

#1.Programming Language that You are Interested in:

One of the Easiest consideration to Learn Programming Language is to pick a Programming Language that you are Interested in. If you start with that Technology which you are really interested in then You will easily learn that Programming Language and it will become easier while Choosing the Best Programming Language To Learn And To Get Job.

I know some of my Developer friends who are interested in Developing Android Apps, so for most of them, Java is going to make sense because Java is the native language to Develop Android Apps They love the Android Technology that is why they are in Developing filed.

Although you could also develop Android Apps in other Languages, like, C#, RUBY etc.

If you are really Interested in New Technology or Future Technology, then you can really perform out of the box. It does not matter how tough is that Technology or Programming Language.

In daily Life also, if you are really interested in some activity then there are very fewer chances to quit or to jump on other activity. For Example, you love to Play GTA 5 and unfortunately, you are not able to Complete the Challenge, do you think that you’ll quit that game on the spot and move to another one?

I am pretty sure that You’ll not Stop Playing GTA 5 and will try till you didn’t complete the challenge. Do you know the reason behind that, Your Interest? The more you are interested in and excited about what you are learning, the easier it will be to stick with it.

So, Don’t afraid to Pick Your Programming Language which excites you the most. Your Excitement can carry you through the tough faces and solves your problem of What Coding Language Should I Learn First.

Coders Favorite Programming Languages

Here i am attaching the graph of most popular technologies in 2018

What Coding Language Should I Learnjavascript,from the last 6 years is the most Popular language among the Programmers of World

Image Credit: StackOverflow

What Coding Language Should I LearnPython also is the most demanding Programming Language in the market today. From Last 3-4 years, Python users are increasing day by day. Future and the Demand of that Programming Language | Technology seems bright.

#2.Future and the Demand of that Programming Language | Technology

I would say, for most of You, the most important thing to consider is what jobs a Programming Language is likely to help you and what Future that Programming Language holds.

If you look at the Most Popular Programming Languages, there are going to be plenty of jobs available in the market today. Different Programming Languages may rise or may fall on a consistent basis, I and You never know which Programming Language is going to fall or which one is going to rise in coming years. So, what’s the answer of What Coding Language Should I Learn first?

If You are concerned with the Job Availability, you might want to consider one of the Popular Programming Language. Already I have given the Latest Data about the Popular Programming Language in 2018 around the World, this might help you to pick your one.

At the writing of this Article, the Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn 2018 are:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Rust
  • Kotlin

What Coding Language Should I Learn

There are a lot of jobs for the developer who programs in one of these languages.

One more factor to consider is where you live in the world, if you don’t want to relocate then you need to be selective. For example, you live in small town and there is only one Tech Company and that Technology Company does everything in JavaScript, then I suggest You Learn JavaScript. But this won’t be the case, then your decision is pretty easy.

But if You are willing to relocate or you have some plans to do freelancing programming then you could probably specialize in a more eccentric and widely used language.

If you are just starting out then I’d suggest You stick to one mainstream Programming Language.

Another factor to look upon is what the future is likely to hold for that particular programming language you are considering.

At the timing of writing this Blog, Objective-C might not the right choice or good choice to learn Programming Language or to get started in. Simply because most brands are switching their platforms to other languages.

Predicting the Future of Any Programming Language is quite similar to calculate the total number of stars in the Sky.

There was a time when most of the Young | Junior Programmers started looking death of JavaScript of but that didn’t happen. Many Top Programmers predicted that JavaScript will not be remembered/used in future, but today JavaScript is in the List of Top Five|5 Programming Languages, so we can’t predict the future.

Another Real Example is of Ruby.

Ruby too so many years to become Popular in the Programming World. But in the initial stages, no one was pretty sure about the growth of this Programming Language.

So, the point is you never know what will happen in future. As we don’t have the Crystal Ball to predict the future, so we can’t predict about the Future. After looking at the various graphs you should not think about What Coding Language Should I Learn first?

#3.High Package | Salary for that particular Programming Language

When a new Programmer enters in the Programming World then there are very few who consider High Salary Package also, otherwise they compromise the Salary in the starting period of their jobs or Projects, just because to get the experience of working with the team, how to behave with your colleagues and of course to gain Market Experience.

But here I will tell You the Top Highest Paying Programming Languages in the World, then you’ll get the answer of What Coding Language Should I Learn first?

So that you may consider the Salary issue also while picking your starter Programming Language. And it is important to look at this point also because it is the second reason to do Programming after your Interest. Some of the Programmers keep on changing or you may say keep Learning the New Technologies/Programming Languages.

So, for these types of programmers here are some of the Programming Languages which they can learn from today also. After Learning these Highest Paying Programming Languages | Technologies in World, I am pretty sure that they will get at least $20,000, just after joining the Company.

Many of the Professional Programmers in the World today are learning those Programming Languages which have a high amount of salary in the Top Tech and Non-Tech Companies. From StackOverflow survey, I will show you the Top Highest Paying Programming Languages in World. 

If You’ll start Learning any of these languages then there are high chances then You’ll get a Good Package for your Job or for any project regarding that Language.

#What Languages Are Associated With the Highest Salaries Worldwide?

What Coding Language Should I Learn

I know this might be surprising for a new Programmer because we generally don’t expect this much amount of salary. And some of you even listened to this name for the First time in Programming Carrer. But this is the GLOBAL DATA OF 2018 for Highest Paying Technologies.

In this List, we saw that F# is the Highest Paying Technology|Programming Language around the Whole World. 

Here is the another one from StackOverflow,

What Coding Language Should I Learn

From this list, You can get an idea of what Programming Language you Should start your Programming Carrer.

Look at the last 5-6 Programming Languages in the list, you all are familiar with these names. If you will learn any of these Language then you can Earn Online from Home by Best Freelancing Websites in the World.

In India, Erlang Developers, Clojure Developers, and Haskell Developers Earn the most. CSS, HTMLJavaScript, Python Developers get paid or Earn at least $50000/Year.

I hope the data provided here will help in choosing your Programming Language considering the High Paid Jobs in the Market and your issue of What Coding Language Should I Learn First will get solved.

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Another Consideration for new Programmers would be Difficulty Level.

Difficulty Level means how tough that particular language to learn. Let me clear this, I have noticed that in our Indian Education System, when you enter in High Standards or in Colleges then the First Programming Language Students Learns is C++.

But apart from schools, Beginners start learning their favorite languages on their own and due to this, they don’t get problem while thinking What Coding Language Should I Learn First.

As we all know that C++ is difficult to learn compared to other languages like Python, C#, PHP etc. In C++ we have to deal with Memory Management and Pointers and quite a few nasty constructs that can throw a beginner for a loop. I know it’s a Great Language but it is not easy to learn for a beginner.

Languages like C#, Python, Ruby, PHP are easy to learn rather than C++. There are some languages like Scratch or Basic which are specifically designed for beginners.

Wait, I don’t want to discourage You from learning C++ Language if you are interested to learn then you should go for it.C++ is very Famous, Popular and readable Language among the Programmer and it makes your base very strong.

#5.Assets/Resources accessible to You

We also might want to consider the Resources Available to us for learning a Programming Language due to this we will be able to solve the issue of the question What Coding Language Should I Learn First?

Some unknown languages may not have enough resources to learn. Unknown Programming Languages may not have enough Books, Online Lectures/Videos to Learn Programming Language, and other resources like PDF file, notes, etc.

Now it’s the Digital Era and everything is available on Internet so it becomes very difficult to learn anything which is not available on the Internet. Other Programming Languages have enough Online Tutorials, many books, and other resources also, which makes it easy to learn those languages for Beginners.

So, be sure to look into How many and what resources are available to you on the internet. You can Learn JvaScript, PHP, CSS, Ruby etc Online by Tutorials on YouTube.

While this is not a big issue today to learn anything on the Internet because there are many resources on the Internet to learn anything. But it’s still an issue for consideration.

You might want to consider the Resources specifically available to you such as Computer/Laptop, Internet Connection, some software etc. By having access to these resources you will get help in learning some Difficult Programming Languages.

Anyone can Learn Web Development Online and Languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, CSS and you can Learn Android Development Online by watching Tutorials on YouTube.

The last resource you can go or you should look for is the person you know and who can you turn to for help. If you know some person who can help you if you get stuck somewhere. We all have such Friends, Seniors in our Colleges who are always ready to help us or who can answer your questions.

But I will not suggest You focus too much on the resources available when choosing your First Programming Language. I hope this factor/point will help You to get out of confusion when you will think about What Coding Language Should I Learn First For Job.

Conclusion/Final Words:

I have covered all the important factors when choosing the First Programming Language and looking for the answer of What Coding Language Should I Learn First.

But for now, I’ll suggest that You don’t have to think that much while choosing the language because actual language is not much important.

All You have to do is just pick according to your interest and stick to the one language till you don’t get all the important concepts of that language. Because some of the Programmers who are just starting out get frustrated and then decide to quit because they think or feel that are not getting it. So don’t do this.

Just consider this. While learning a language, suppose C, you should have the attitude of knowing a language in-depth. Then only you will be able to survive in the World of Programmers. And You should learn Different Programming Languages according to the Future Technology and demand of a specific Programming Language, by doing this you’ll get a Good Amount of Salary as you are continuously Growing your Skills.

I hope these points will help you to overcome the confusion of What Coding Language Should I Learn First for Job. You are always Welcome to give Suggestions.

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