Top 10 Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018 To Play

Top 10 Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018 To Play

Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018
Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018

I am going to share the Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018 which you must Play with your Friends. Have a look at these listed Games to know deeply about the mentioned games.

Today, I am going to share the Best Android Multiplayer Games. So many peoples are using an Android phone.An Android device is changing the life of every person in world today. Everyone loves to play games on an Android device. But in a group, it has more fun to play.

So in this, I am going to tell you the Cool Android Multiplayer Games. These games seems right to play with your Besties. I have selected these games as Best Android Multiplayer Games on basis of their user ratings, reviews, and Download of the game.

1.Clash of ClansBest Android Multiplayer Games 2018

Clash of Clans is one of the very popular Cool Android Multiplayer game. You have to build your own empire by applying solid strategy. This game requires a lot of patience. And in this, you can make your own clan of your friend and can play this game online very easily. I guarantee you that you will enjoy this game very much

Features :

  • build your village into an unbeatable fortress.
  • raise your own Army of barbarians, archers, Dragons and other Mighty fighters.
  • Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan.
  • fight against Rival Clans in Epic clan Wars.

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2. Chain reaction: Online

This is one of my favorite game that I used to play. It is the color bombarding multiplayer game in which 7 players can play together. With Gmail account also we can play this game easily. In the last, the color which survived wins the game. This is the best game, have fun with friends and family members.This is among the Best Android Multiplayer Games.


  • Artificial intelligence Mod to play a single player game against the Computer.
  • It can also be played as an online multiplayer game with friends.
  • We can customize the many things by switching to bombs with explosion effects.
  • If you play this game with 8 friends then it’s become more addictive.

3. Asphalt 8: AirborneBest Android Multiplayer Games 2018

As you all know this is one of the Most Wanted game in the world. Asphalt 8 game has super graphics quality and it also needs much space to run. This is actually racing game which supports multiplayer in it. And you can play this game with friends also when you are online.

   Features :

  • 9 seasons in more than 300 events in career mode.
  • ongoing geometry reflection another exceptionally astonishing impacts for another reproduction of speed.
  • Exceptionally nitty-gritty harm framework like nothing you have seen previously.

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4. Modern Combat 5: BlackoutBest Android Multiplayer Games 2018

Modern Combat 5 is developed by the Gameloft company. This is one of the Best Android Multiplayer Game and this game has achieved many positive reviews from the users. This is actually a shooting game in which you can make a team of players and then you can easily play it online with your friends also. If you talk about the graphics quality of this game then I must say this is the final game having the best graphics ever.


  • Team clashes in squad vs squared matches.
  • Converse with different players in worldwide and squad visit moreover
  • individual leaderboards as well as squad leaderboards.
  • You can win cool rewards also but in limited time frame.

5. Real Boxing :Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018

Real Boxing is a very good game where two players can have boxing championship match. This game includes real-time bouts, as well as weekly tournament and the ability to challenge your friends at home or in office too.This is among the Best Android Multiplayer Games.


  • Good quality graphics and sound.
  • Knockout gameplay
  • Fight using a variety of devastating punches and combos.
  • Real-time multiplayer.

6. Dungeon Hunter 4

Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018Dungeon Hunter 4:

This is also developed by Gameloft. Among Gamers, this game is very popular because this game has a multiplayer component which includes co-op arenas, PvP modes and deathmatches in it.


  • You have to fight with your friends in the CO-OP arenas.
  • Show off your battle skills in the action pack PVP mode.
  • You have to get up and fight other Warriors in the team deathmatch games.

7th. Real Racing 3:Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018

Electronic Arts published this game. Like Asphalt 8, this game does not have real-time racing but in this game, you can compete with your friends and break the records. like other previous games, Real Racing 3 also has a very good graphics quality. It is one of the Coolest Android Multiplayer Game.


  • Take the wheel of over hundred intensive detail vehicles from Iconic manufacturers like Ford, Aston Martin, McLaren, and testing skills on 22 car race grid.
  • Get packed in with companions and adversaries in worldwide 8-player, cross-stage, constant hustling with drafting.

8. Respawnables:

I know you might not have heard it off yet, but this game will surely give you an awesome game experience while playing. This is also a multiplayer game and you can break your friends’ record by updating your skills in this game.


  • Matchmaking and seamless connection.
  • Two modes: Free For AII and Team VS.
  • In this game, you can play with your Facebook friends on team battles.
  • Wi-Fi and 3rd Generation 4 generation connection enabled.

9 Quiz Up:Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018

I can also say that this is one of my favorite game. This game is mainly for the person who has the sharp interest in general knowledge and can take great gaming and knowledge experience.


  • Discovering like minded peoples are very easy and fun. Anyone can find people based on their location, interest and age spirit
  • You can challenge on the friend in any topic for a quick real-time match or random play other people from around the whole world.
  • You can participate in Vibrant communities around the topic you are very passionate about now also you can easily Discover the topic you are interested in.Best Android Multiplayer Games 2018

10th: Order of Chaos OnlineBest Android Multiplayer Games 2018

Like the other games also this game this game is developed by Gameloft. If I say directly then this game is based on strategies you can play with your friends as well.This is among the Best Android Multiplayer Games.


  • Investigate the universe of Haradon solo, or locate the genuine multiplayer amusement encounter. This is exceptionally fascinating as you can influence companions or adversaries, to duel, impart and considerably more. A lot of range of interaction makes this game like a living part of this fantasy universe.
  • Join a gathering or organization to wind up more grounded and facilitate with your partner to conquer the most difficult piece of MMO amusements: amazing cells.
  • Take part in Epic multiplayer fights.


Above are the Best Android Multiplayer games. Playing these games you can feel the best moment with your friends. Some of these cool Android Multiplayer games are for free in Google Play Store and some of them are paid also. You can install this awesome games an android. And please do not forget to share this post with your friends and the family members.


Please share this post with your fun friend that seems gaming freak, thank you for your time and follow this website some more interesting Technology related information.

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