How To Convert Speech To Text|Get Rid Of Typing|Voice To Text Converter 2018

How To Convert Speech To Text|Get Rid Of Typing|Voice To Text Converter 2018

How To Convert Speech To Text|Get Rid Of Typing|Voice To Text Converter 2018


Do you hate typing long emails? Do You Know How To Convert Voice To Text?

Speech To Text Converter

Or do you want to minimize your typing work? Or you want to save your time in  office? As you all know writing, very long emails or letters or other information, like you wanna write a gadget review or you wanna publish the product description, may be sometimes these all things makes you annoy and you start feeling irritated.
Doing all this task takes much time and finally you are not  able to complete all the task planned by you in your office or in your professional life or in your personal life too.

So do you want solution for this then, this is the right place you can find your answer of this problem.
Actually when I try to write a article for my blog, that is technosaroha.Com , I used to take so much time in writing an article, so I decided to find a solution for this.

Now I am going to tell you the very best method for writing any article/email that will make you feel better and that is Speech To Text.
What you have to do is, follow these simple steps which I personally use for my blog :

  • Step 1   Open the or the the web browser you use usually.
  • Step 2   Type “speech to text” and enter the search icon.
  • Step 3   Then you will find number of pages or links like ” voice to text” ,”speech to text”, “speech to text notepad”, “voice notepad”, ” Watson speech to text – IBM” and many more pages
  • Step 4  Now you have to click on any of the top 3 websites like,, and the IBM one website.
  • Step 5  After open the link you will be seeing a simple interface of the website, on the top middle of the page you will see a blinking red in colour mic option, just tap on the mic blacking on website(


How To Convert Speech To Text|Get Rid Of Typing|Voice To Text Converter 2018 1

After clicking / pressing on the mic, you will see a notification on the page asking about ” allow mic” tap on the allow button, now start speaking anything you want to write about.
This seems very impressive when you just write long matter very easily or in very less time which you even never expected to happen. The material you wrote there just now, will be saved automatically but I will prefer you to copy all the material you typed or speak right now and paste that material in your blogger or in your website so that you can find it easily anytime.

Some other features which you should aware of this particular website are:

Actually there are two versions of these speech to text or voice to text websites, one is free and the other one is paid.
In the free version, you will get the basic features like:

1. You can use the main feature that is “speech to text”
2. Copy and editing the content you are typing and writing.
3. You can directly print the content you wrote just now.
4. We can email this content directly to our friends or relatives too.
And the best part is
5. You can UPLOAD this to Google Drive too very easily and securely.
6. We can save this in .txt file and in doc file also.

Speech To Text Converter
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YOU will get the free versions features as well as these features  in the paid version :

  1. Most of the people loves to do work at night. When you are doing the work at night the most common problem most of the peoples faces is BRIGHTNESS PROBLEM if you are working in the dark rooms or in any dark place. SO, the solution for this is that in paid version YOU WILL GET THE DARK THEME feature too. Now you can easily work at night too without any problem.
  2. IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER OR CONTENT WRITER , then this feature is must for  you, in my opinion and that is WORD COUNTER.  In this paid version you will word counter which will make easy for counting the word without any hassle.  The word counter works in real-time, which means as you write a single  word  ,instantly the word counter will show the number of words you have typed till now.

So, that’s all for this article.I think now you are well aware of How To Convert Voice To Text|Get Rid Of Typing|Speech to text Converter 2018. I must say that Speech To Text is very good feature which we can use for hassle free typing.


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