Genuine Apps to earn through your mobile

Hello Guys, why not you earn your small expenses by yourself?

OK let’s come to the topic.

As you all know that we use internet around 1-2 hours on average basis(it may vary person to person) so why not USE THAT TIME FOR EARNING.

Yes you can earn enough  bucks very easily in just 5-10 mins by using these ANDROID APPS!

1. GrabPoints :- The no. 1 app which i prefer the most for earnings as it gives us some easy tasks to complete and in return we get the points which we can withdraw in our paypal, bitcoin etc accounts.


2. One Ad:- One Ad app is approved by the indian government also so you don’t have to worry for payment issues.

What this app does?

We don’t have to do anything in this app as we have to install this app and then you just have to open lock of your phone, the max numbers you opens the lock the max rewards we get, as this app uses our lock screen to show ads of various brands.

You can also refer this app to your friends and family members, as they open their phone locks you’ll also get rewards .

Use my refer code :- 1DM8AL

3. Magic Bitcoin:-

This app is creating HISTORY in 29 or more than countries including India.

Magic bitcoin works on NETWORK MARKETING.

Wait wait….. I know some of you might be thinking of closing this post( as many people still think that it’s not a genuine method to earn,but wait atleast give it a shot this time) .

But in this app you can earn upto 7 levels. You have to make team by referring to your friends.

You will get 1 BITCOIN and 1 MB(magic bitcoin) on registration only.

Use my refer code and get one BITCOIN. CODE IS :- MB0269362

Genuine Apps to earn through your mobile 1

4. BITCOIN MAKER: one of my favourite app till now.

Really you don’t have to do anything, just open app and start doing your imp work and then check app after half an hour, you know what will you get? Guess!

You’ll get 500 satoshi every time.

Doesn’t it sound cool?

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