Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free 2019 | Number 4 is AWESOME!

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs FreeI understand your need /problem of finding the Best WordPress Themes for Blog. And the worst thing is that most of the time we are confused about which theme to use and which not.

As you are Looking for “best” ones, that means you are serious about your Brand or Blog/website.

So, in this article, I will share my Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free in tech niche, E-commerce and Business niche.

Q: Why to use these free WordPress themes in 2019?

I agree that You will find a lot of free themes on, but in this article, my main aim is to tell you the famous & premium quality WordPress themes only.

I will only talk about the prestigious themes which are being used in the market for so many years.

All the themes I’ll be sharing here are mobile friendly and responsive themes. So, no worry about that.

These themes are being updated on a weekly or monthly basis. So, no doubt in this these are the themes which follow the WordPress guidelines and will not harm your data in any case.

Have I ever used these themes?

Good news is that I will only recommend you those themes only, which I have personally used before.

Doesn’t matter whether you are looking Themes for Tech Blog, WordPress themes for Portfolio, and Free WordPress themes for E-commerce Business, I will suggest You the Best Free WordPress themes.

I know you are very curious about knowing the free themes for your blog/website.
But before you move to 7 Amazing Best WordPress themes for Blog Free, you must read these questions.

Q: Reason why bloggers use Free WordPress Themes?Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free

A: When anyone searches for free WordPress themes, he/she may be new in the blogging field and they do not want to pay for Best Premium WordPress Themes.

So, instead of paying $30-$100 beginner bloggers prefer to use free themes for the first 3-6 months. After having some knowledge of blogging, themes some bloggers move from free to paid themes.

But if you already know the Do’s and Don’t of Blogging, WordPress themes then no need to use free themes. From the first day of blogging, you can use Premium WordPress themes.

Q: Difference between Free WordPress themes vs Premium/Paid WP Themes?

Ans: Free WordPress Themes:

  • No money required to use.
  • Quality is up to the mark, as all the free WordPress themes are checked under strict rules and regulations before they allow publishers to upload them.
  • No Support from developers.
  • Easy customization.
  • Easy to use Page Builder tools in them.

Paid WordPress Themes:

  • Minimum Requirement is $20 for Premium WP theme.
  • Fully customizable, can modify according to your need.
  • High-quality themes only.
  • Full Support from the developer’s side.
  • Inbuilt page builders in some themes.

I hope You are sure now why to use Free WordPress Themes for your blog business.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump to the main topic of this blog.

7 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free

1. GeneratePress: The most trusted free WordPress theme I have ever used. And after using many themes for this blog currently, I am using the GeneratePress theme only.Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free

The best feature of this theme is Speed and it’s lightweight. This is a theme build with a focus on usability and speed.

By looking at the reviews in a given pic you can understand how much users love this theme.

Features of GeneratePress WordPress Theme Demo:

  • Very less Size: The total size of this theme is 15kb only.
  • Fast Loading: As the size is very less so it loads fast and reduces the loading time of your blog/website.
  • Compatible with all the major Page Builders like Elementor, Beaver builder, etc.
  • Every plugin like Woocommerce, Yoast SEO and others are easy to install in this theme.
  • Responsive theme: Can be easily used in mobile, tablet and desktop too without any issues.
  • 9 widget area, micro-data integration, 5 sidebars layout, 5 navigation locations.

These are only some of the features of GeneratePress theme as a demo.

When you will install and customize this theme, you’ll be able to know the advanced features which I have not mentioned here because I want You to personally use this and go through the theme.

Q: How can I install the GeneratePress WordPress Theme on my blog/website?

A: You might be thinking about how to install this theme on my blog. Don’t worry I am here for you. Just follow these simple steps.

There are two ways of How to Install any WordPress theme.

First one, go to

  • Click on “Theme” section, you will land up in theme section only.
  • A search box is given there, enter the name of the theme you are looking for.
  • In the right side of the theme, a download button will be visible to you, click on that button and install.
  • The theme will be downloaded in .zip format, no need to unzip it, WordPress support zip files too.
  • Now login to WordPress account, in the left side of dashboard hover on ‘appearance” and click on themes.
  • On top, of the page click on ‘Add New’.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free

Steps are almost done…

  • Just Click on the ‘Upload’ button and select the downloaded file.
  • And you are done with the installation of the free WordPress theme.

Best WordPress Theme for Blogs Free

Now customize, edit and make changes according to your need.

»The 2nd EASIEST method to Install Free WordPress Theme: 

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard/Account.
  • On your left, hover on the ‘appearance’ button.
  • Now click on’Themes’ button.
  • On top of the page, click ‘Add New’.  You can look at the images given in the first step.
  • On the right side of the page, search the name of the theme in the search box.
  • And the final step is to Click on the ‘Install’ button, congrats theme is downloaded.

So, these were the two steps to Install Free WordPress Themes very quickly.

I just need your review in the comment box after using this theme, so do not forget to do that as it will help other blogger readers like you and me. So, comment and share it.

2. Hueman: Hueman is one of the Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free which you would love to use instantly.Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free

Hueman theme helps you increase website traffic and engage your visitors easily.

It is the best-rated theme on powering the more than 70K websites around the world.

As you can see in the above pic, this is a theme which many bloggers use for their blog.

This is the inbuilt layout you would see by default, but you can customize it according to your requirement.

Features of Hueman WordPress Theme Demo:

  • 3 Column Layout: When I saw this theme for the first time, the best part I loved was it’s 3 column layout.
  • Customizable Header and Footer: Edit the header and footer according to your need. Place ads, text code, etc.
  • 3+ Widgets in the footer area.
  • Fast load: It loads very fast because of its small size.
  • SEO Friendly Theme: Hueman theme is SEO friendly and increases website traffic also.

Q: How to Install Hueman Free WordPress Theme?

A: You can follow the steps given above to install the Free WordPress themes.

3. ColorMag: ColorMag is a Responsive Free WordPress Theme for bloggers who have blogs in the Technology field, news blog/website, magazines, and even in businesses.

Best WordPress Theme for Blogs Free
ColorMag WP Theme

If someone is looking for the Best WordPress Themes for a tech blog, Best WordPress Themes for News/Magazines, and Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing, you must try this free theme for your blog/business.

Yes, look at the 5-star reviews and the last updated date of these themes. This theme was updated today i.e 22nd March 2019.

See, I told you at the beginning of this article that I will be sharing those themes only are up to date and responsive.

And the results are in front of you.

So, move to the remaining 4 Best WordPress Themes for Blog Free.

4. Astra: The modern theme which has bee downloaded more than 200K times and that too with more than a 5-star rating.Best WordPress Theme for Blogs Free

I am sure that You can use this theme as an alternative of ColorMag & GeneratePress WP theme.

This theme is just like the all-rounder man, you got it right. Great.

According to Astra, “Astra is a fast, fully customizable & beautiful theme suitable for blog, personal portfolio, business website, and WooCommerce storefront”.

You would not believe that the total size of the Astra Free WordPress Theme is less than 50Kb on the front-end.

Now you can imagine the loading speed you’ll be getting on your blog, blazing fast.

Features of Astra WordPress Theme Demo:

  • SEO friendly theme.
  • code integrated
  • AMP ready, means search engines will love your site.
  • Offers special templates and will work with all page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer and more.
  • Woocommerce ready, RTL, Translation Ready and yes responsive too.

Even you can analyze by looking at the number of downloads and reviews that this theme is the Best WordPress theme for e-commerce businesses.

But that is totally up to you how you want to use this theme.

5. OceanWP: The Free WordPress Theme for Small Businesses

No doubt, OceanWP is the most downloaded Free WordPress in the last years. Best WordPress Theme for Blogs Free

OceanWP is the lightweight, highly extendable theme which allows you to create any type of websites such as a blog, portfolio, business website, and WooCommerce  Storefront.

Like Astra Free WordPress Theme, OceanWP is Premium quality WordPress Theme for Blogs Free.


Q: Why OceanWP is the Best WordPress Theme for E-commerce businesses?.

A: If you want to run an e-commerce business or any kind of business, You must use this theme.

Because OceanWP, after installation, would suggest you install WooCommerce WordPress Plugin(freemium plugin)

This plugin has many advanced features which can increase the conversion rate much. And OceanWP also supports it like other themes.

Features of OceanWP Free WordPress Theme Demo:

  • Featured with SEO Best Practices, which increases the visibility of your brand.
  • Very fast, responsive and Translation ready.
  • Work with almost all page builders smoothly like Divi, SiteOrigin, Brizy.
  • You can edit the settings on mobile and tablet so your site looks good on every device.
  •  Small in size, downloaded more than 300K time with a 5-Star rating.
  • Can be used as Best WordPress theme for Ecommerce, Businesses.

So, download this theme now and start building your dream website in some clicks.

If you will leave a comment after going through the whole article, it will help some readers like you.

6. Sydney: Free WordPress Theme for E-commerce Businesses.

The only theme which was built purely for E-commerce businesses. According to Sydney theme developers, it is the Best WordPress Theme for e-commerce businesses.Best WordPress Theme for Blogs Free

“Sydney is a powerful business theme that provides a fast way for companies or freelancers to create an awesome online presence”.

Competing with the Astra and OceanWP themes, the number of download for this one is also crossing 200K.

If you build your website/blog with this theme, I’m sure that your website will look more beautiful and professional.

Many businesses grow much faster than their competitors and it has been noticed that their website design was much better than their competitors.

Your focus should be more on design, conversion, call to action buttons. If all these things are synchronized in a better way your Click Through Rate(CTR) will increase automatically.

So using a theme like SYDNEY, you can manage all the things mentioned in upper lines.

Let’s go through the Sydney Free WordPress Theme Demo and features:

Features of Sydney WordPress Theme Demo:

  • Access to all Google Fonts.
  • Easy to customize and edit.
  • Full-Color Control: You can change the colors of this theme according to your need.
  • Layout Control: Users can add/delete any widgets making it more engaging to users.
  • Sticky navigation, header image, full-screen slider and much more.

These are some of the main features you should know before installing the theme.

Visit and download this theme, take an overview if you like the interface and other things you can activate this theme.

Here is the last theme I’m going to share with you. If you have read this article till here, you are the one who is seriously looking the Best WordPress Theme for Blogs Free.

That’s Great. Congratulations!

Free WordPress Themes for Portfolios/Freelancers

7. Hestia: Hestia also made it in the list of Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free. I must say that Hestia WordPress Theme can be used for making a Portfolio website, for a freelancing website.Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free

Hestia is just like the person who have so many skills, and perform better in all the tasks given to him.

Oh, you are also the person who is skilled in many areas.

That’s good. Big shout out to you. LOL 🙂

Let’s come back to our topic.

Hestia is a modern WordPress Theme for Professionals. It easily fits with small businesses, e-commerce businesses, startups, online agencies, etc.

The best part about Hestia you would love, it has a multipurpose One Page design.

And that means you can do a lot of things on a single page only.


Features of Free Hestia WordPress Theme Demo: 

  • Footer can have more than 3+ widgets.
  • Separate Blog/News page
  • Flat Parallax Slider
  • Photo Gallery, Travel Map
  • Very smoothly with various page builders.
  • SEO Friendly Theme for Blogs
  • Responsive: It is a responsive WordPress theme.
  • Retina Ready, Translation ready.

I am pretty sure that after looking at the features of Hestia Theme, you’ll definitely install this and use for your brand/business.

Search this theme on and Install now.

My Final Words about Best WordPress Themes for Blogs FreeBest WordPress Themes for Blogs Free

See I have told you about Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free. Now it’s your time to decide which theme is perfect for your blog or online E-commerce Business.

The Best WordPress Themes for Tech Blog are GeneratePress, Hueman, and ColorMag.

Astra, OcenanWP, and Sydney are the Best WordPress Themes for E-commerce Businesses.

And Hestia Theme is just like an all-rounder for every type of businesses.

You can use Hestia as Best WordPress Theme for Portfolio/Freelance business.

If you want to build a website for your startup, no issue at all. Theme Hestia is just perfect for startups also.

I hope you got all the important information for choosing a Free WordPress Theme.

What are you waiting for?

Write down all the planning on paper and customize WordPress theme according to your planning.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Free

Now you need Fast Website Hosting for storing your website data. Or for making your website live on Google and for your customers.

Choose a fast loading WordPress Hosting so that your customers/ visitors don’t have to wait more than 4 seconds to load your website.
If your website is taking more than 5 seconds, you need to fix this because visitors do not wait for more than 5 seconds.

The bad thing is they just click the back button.

And Google is very smart, they keep a close eye on the time taken by your website for loading. And when it takes more than 5-6 second, it negatively affects your website score or SO score.

Be Smart, Choose Best Web Hosting.

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Yeah, I know this is enough information for you.

OK, let’s finish this here.


I think you an attitude of helping peoples.

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