10 Best Android Apps for YouTubers in 2019- You will be Surprised

10 Best Android Apps for YouTubers in 2019- You will be Surprised

I was struggling a lot while I was creating the channel art and logo for my YouTube channel(TechnoSaroha).

I had no idea of How to create YouTube Channel Art and logo. And unknowingly I spent many hours on creating the Logo and Channel art for my channel.

Even after that, I was not able to get the best working apps for me as a YouTuber. But today I will share all the useful and must have Android Apps for YouTubers.

I do not want you to struggle and waste your precious time finding/searching the Best Useful Android Applications on irrelevant resources.

So, keep reading this article and save your time.

At the end of this article, I have some challenge for you. Please participate in that.

Q: Why Am I writing this article for you?

A: As a newbie in this field, I was not aware of Best Android Apps for YouTubers and Bloggers as well.

But then I realized that many beginner/new YouTubers face these kinds of problems almost every day.

So, I should do something for YouTubers like me and you.

And that’s why today I am going to reveal the Best Android Apps for YouTubers like You and me.

Q: How this Article can help you? 

A: Not only the Android Apps for YouTubers but also I will guide you the how to use these apps and Features of all these android/iPhone applications.

Q: What types of Android Applications I will share?

A: From creating YouTube Videos Thumbnails, Channel Logo, Channel Art to Editing your Videos with the Professional and Best Video Editing Software.

You will get to know the Best Audio/Sound recorder app, Android app for Finding your competitor’s Videos Tags.

So, without any further delay, let’s come to the topic.

10 Best Must Have Android Apps for YouTubers

1. Canva: Canva is a free Android application and website also.

Android Apps for YouTubers
Canva App

With Canva you can create your YouTube video thumbnails as well as you can create your YouTube channel Art very easily.

Not only about YouTube, but you can also create your Facebook post along with your Instagram post and much more social media posts.

You can customize them absolutely according to you. You can also create Canva resume, PDF, presentations and can make your book cover also.

A lot of free features has been given to you with the Free YouTube Tool in Canva Android application.

The image given above is of Canva Logo.

→ Download the Canva App for Free.

2. Pixellab App: What if you don’t like Canva application? The best alternative of Canva is Pixel Lab.

Android Apps for YouTubers

If you want clean and limited features for making youtube thumbnail, channel art, and Facebook posts, do not look for any other app. Download the Pixel Lab App now.

→ Watch this Video to learn How to Use Pixellab.

I personally use this app more than Canva, for making Thumbnails of my YouTube Videos. There are a lot of 3D designs available, you can make very attractive and HD quality thumbnails.

So you must use the pixel lab for creating your YouTube video thumbnail and it is one of the Best Android Apps for YouTubers.

→ Click here for Pixellab APK Download

3. DU Screen Recorder: You get it right? Yes DU Screen Recorder is a Free mobile screen recorder for recording your screen activities only after you Turn on screen recording option.

This is not only a simple screen recorder. You can do a lot of amazing things very easily. If you are using this very first time, no worry guys it is an easy to use application.

Android Apps for YouTubers

Advantages of DU Screen Recorder

  • Live cam:- While recording your mobile screen activities you can also show your face to your audience with the live cam features.
  • Mobile screen recording and your face recording both can be done at the same time free of cost.
  • Draw over screen: When you are recording the screen you can also draw over the screen using the Drawing brush. You can use this feature to point out something.
  • Video Quality Options: According to your preference you can choose the quality of your video recording.
  • If you want to record in 720p or in 1080p, both of the options are available for you. Use according to your choice.
  • Video Editing Software: Along with the recording features you can also edit your recorded videos with the inbuilt video recorder.
  • I have personally used this editor, and I must say this can be easily used for editing videos(for beginners only).
  • Sound Recorder: If you do not want any hassle in audio and video synchronization, you can use the inbuilt sound recorder for recording your voice while screen recording.

I guess You won’t be able to stop yourself using this app, so Download DU Screen Recorder APK.

4. Tag You: Best Android App for finding Tags of any Youtube Video.

Android Apps for YouTubers
Tag You

You know the importance of Tags used by the YouTubers in their videos.

Tag You understand this very well, let’s know How to Use Tag You app.

You have to put the URL of the video you want to find tags, within a second Tag You will fetch out the tags of that video.

Copy and paste the important tags and use in your video.

Download Tag You App now from Google Play Store.

5. YouTube Studio App: Here I am assuming that you have already started your YouTube Channel.

This YouTube Analytics app can help you do a lot of stuff for free.

Android Apps for YouTubers

Now as a YouTuber you always need to have close look on your videos.

With the help of this app, you can easily monitor your comments, replies, and many more things easily.

You can not carry your laptop everywhere, in this application so you can do almost all the things which you do in Laptop or PC.

In this analytics app, you can edit your Video Title, Video Description, and even the tags.

Along with all these things you can also upload/change the Thumbnail of your video you are going to upload.

The best part is we can also check the performance of any video we have uploaded on our channel.


Android Apps for YouTubers


We can see the Watch time, Subscribers, Audience retention, likes, dislikes, the other channels videos suggesting our videos.

Well, this is only a short description of the YouTube Analytics App, you can do much with the help of this app.

I recommend you to Download YouTube Studio Android App.

6. Kinemaster – Pro Video Editor: Best Editing App/Software for YouTubers.

Yes, I know you got the idea what I am talking about.

Android Apps for YouTubers

Kinemaster is the professional video editor for mobile users.

From the first day of starting my YouTube channel(Techno Saroha), I am editing my videos only with this tool.

No doubt at all, I will definitely recommend this one also.

Features of Kinemaster: Best Video Editing Software/App:

  • Synchronize your Audio and Video easily.
  • If you want to record audio for your video, just add your video in the app, then press on the ‘Audio button’ and audio recorder will automatically start.
  • Android Apps for YouTubers
  • Write text on Pictures/Video: Want to promote your other useful links with your viewers, just tap on ‘Layer’ button.
  • With this feature, you can also add any image, video, effects within your video.
  • Delete/Add waste part of your video/audio: You can easily delete the waste part of your video if you have recorded some extra part by mistake. And that too without affecting the original one.
  • Blur: You can also blur some area if you do not want to show that one to your viewers.
  • Add Songs/Audio in Background: For connecting in a better way with the audience you can also add any sound/song in the background of your original audio.

You can download the Copyright Free Music from Kinemaster app.

Another option is from YouTube itself. YouTube also provides the NCS(Non-Copyright Sound).

And these are some of the best and important features of Kinemaster Video Editor App.

Click here for Kinemaster App Download

7. PowerDirector: The best Alternative of Kinemaster App.

I have seen that most of the YouTubers also use PowerDirector for editing the videos.
No doubt that it is also one of the Best Video Editing App for YouTubers and Video Maker.

Android Apps for YouTubers

These apps are free to use, but with the watermark of these applications.

It means that you will see the logo of these apps in your videos after editing completely.

But if you are happy with the features of these free apps, you can also upgrade for the premium version.
We all know that if we pay for something we get better and more services, similarly we get more advanced features which can increase the quality of your work.

→ Click here for PowerDirector APK Download

So go and download these Best Android Apps for YouTubers Free.

8. Google Keep- Notes & Lists: As the name suggests itself it is an app which let you save your notes.

You can use this app in your daily life as well.

We all know that if we are going to make any video or blog posts, we think about the different ideas in our mind.

Android Apps for YouTubers

You will also agree that sometimes we get very unique ideas for creating our new Blog Post or video. But we do not write them down, and after some hours or days, we forget those ideas.

So in order to save your ideas/thoughts immediately, just install the Google Keep Notes now.

Android Apps for YouTubers

This app is very useful to use. Just open the app and give your thoughts, ideas a title and start writing down all your thoughts.

Features of Google Keep Notes: 

  • You do not have to save them, as you go back out of the app your notes will be saved automatically.
  • You can also highlight important notes by using different color options.
  • We can also make a to-do list in this app. Apart from that, we can also save an important link.

So this is all about the Google Keep Notes, one of the Best Android Apps for YouTubers.

→ Click here for Google Keep Download App

9. Background Eraser: As a YouTuber like me, you have to make catchy and good looking thumbnails for your videos.

Background eraser, erase the background of an image. It means that only the required part will be highlighted and the background will be removed.

You can look at these images.

Image while removing the background:

Android Apps for YouTubers
Background Eraser

Image after removing background:

Android Apps for YouTubers
Background Eraser

So you can see the difference here. This app is very easy to use.

There are three options to remove the background.

  • Manual mode.
  • Auto Mode.
  • Magic Mode.

I have personally used this app. I never found any problem while removing the background of an image.

You can also use the alternative of this app if you find hard to use it.

And let’s move to last but not least Android Apps for YouTubers.

→ Click here for Background Eraser App Download

10. Audio Recorder: This is one of the Best Audio Recorder App I have used till now.

Android Apps for YouTubers
Audio Recorder App

This is officially built by Sony Company.

I usually use this app for recording my voice for YouTube videos.

Features of Audio Recorder Android App:

  • It removes the background noise really well.
  • You can also select the quality option for recording your voice.

This app also works in the background, it means if you are using another app on your phone, just start the recording and move to another app. This will keep on working until and unless you turn it off.

  • Record Hd Voice: Great quality voice is recorded.
  • You can download this Best Audio Recording Android App from Google Play Store.

Download Audio Recording App Now.

Final Words on Best Android Apps for YouTubers:  Small challenge in the last line

From creating the YouTube thumbnails to find out the tags of any video, I have shared my Top 10 Best Android Apps for YouTubers.

With the Canva and Pixellab app, you can make the thumbnail, posters, Resume, Blog post images and much more.

Canva, Pixellab, DU Screen Recorder, Kinemaster Video Editor, YouTube Analytics App, Google Keep Notes, Audio Recorder, Background Eraser, Tag You are the Top 10 Best Android Apps for YouTubers.

I hope you will use these apps for Growing YouTube Channel Very Fast.

Here is a small challenge for all of the readers, if you can beat me with some of the Best Android Apps for YouTubers.

Comment down below your most recommended app(s) for YouTubers and Bloggers as well.

I’m waiting for your recommendations.

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