5 SOLID ways to increase your REAL Instagram Followers

5 SOLID ways to increase your REAL Instagram Followers


Hello tech lovers, do you wants to increase your Instagram  followers or you want to develop your brand name via Instagram then this is for you only.


So without taking much time let’s get started.

1. Go after Relevant Followers: What does it mean actually?



Sometimes we  start following the famous celebrity and some irrelevant celebrities also(i think you are much smart to understand what i am trying to say) and do likes,comments there videos,pictures and expect some of the followers to get back to you.This is not a bad thing to do but wait, wait instead of getting the real followers we get some irrelevant followers(not permanent followers) and after some days what we found that they do not like ,comments our posts because there interest is not same as us.

So follow those celebrities to whom you really wants to follow and avoid to follow the irrelevant people(for eg 18+ profiles,nude etc).

2. Post Visual and Emotional Content Consistently

Yes, post more visual and emotional content on your Instagram profile(s). As we all are humans and we all are emotionally attached to our families, life partners, animals so it will be better to post some emotional posts and person who will visit your profile for first time will remember his/her feelings also and this increases the chances of more followers.


Who likes to read only in text form , no one? You also feel bored when you guys read only text based blogs. So same applies for the Instagram also, peoples like to see the content in visual formats like in images,videos,memes,gifs etc because it becomes easy to remember and understand them.So more chances of followers for you.

3.Submit your Content from Other Instagram Accounts


I have seen that many of the insta profiles have lot of followers but they are not active from a long time on Instagram ,i think you might have visited some profiles like this. So what you have to do  is select some of the popular posts of that profiles of your own interest  and re-post them on your profile but do not forget to credit them and tag them. Doing this the followers of that profile will notice  you and some of them start following you also because now you have the common link of interests  among those and you are the one who is responsible to remember their old memories/feelings attached to that post.


4. Collaborate with other Influencers on Instagram


what does it mean actually? You do not have to collaborate with the famous celebrities or famous influencers. What you have to do is just tag your friends also while uploading your pics with them. I know some of you already doing this but it is not about only tagging your friend.You can have a give-away of anything you can afford and what you have to write is ” we are giving 1 iPod and one Bluetooth headphones to 5 followers so share this post to your friends also and say them to re-post this for winning”.This is for those who are looking for getting much hype about their brand name because it is not affordable for normal user.

This will increase maximum no. of followers on your profile because we have seen this kind of messages and we had done it already to win those give-away 😛 LOL

5. Post the pictures where you want to go with your friends,family members


Suppose you want to go some haunted place with your friend or with anyone and you just want to show them that place so post a picture of that particular place and tag them with the hash tag also from that name. So this is also the follower booster for your profile.

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