44 Best Apps For College Students For Android | iOS 2018

44 Best Apps For College Students For Android | iOS 2018

Lots of Best Apps For College Students Android|iOS 2018

Best Apps For College Students

As we all know Technology is majorly playing a Significant and Crucial role in everyone’s life or in every sector of Human Beings. Here are 40+ Best Apps For College Students on the Internet which every college student is using or have been used earlier.

So, today I will tell You the Best Apps For College Students for Android | iOS 2018,but I suggest You to go through the whole Article as I personally want You to try these Best Apps For College Students Android|iOS.Not only students, these are Best Apps For College Professionals also.

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The Best Apps For College Students are the ones that are very Simple to Understand,smooth running on our Best Smartphones,and make our experience good.

Your Mobile Device could become one of Your Most Used School/College Supplies. After all, the mobile apps that help you meet all your deadlines,makes your study effective,stay connected to all your loved ones,and manage almost your college experiences.

Many college apps are free to download or many are affordable too,which is great news for a students on budget.When we think about which app to download very first,you should check if your school/college/University have their own app or not.

Because the official app would make it easy for knowing the future events, accessing calendars,courses etc and other information that keeps you connected to more online programs.

Like most colleges students, you’ve probably downloaded quite a few popular apps already. They might include the social media apps like Facebook,Instagram,Linkedin,Twitter,Netflix,Skype,Snapchat and YouTube.

Many of these apps are very fun and useful,but now I will tell You the Best Apps For College Students which can help you elevate your College Game.

Yes one thing I suggest You to make enough space on your mobile device like Phone,Tablet or any other device you use to download these apps.

Categories for Best Apps For College Students:-

  • Studying and Completing Assignments
  • Managing your Time and Staying Organised
  • Caring for your Health,Safety,and Fitness
  • Shopping
  • Handling Your Finances
  • Socializing and Staying Connected
  • Finding Entertainment and Staying Connected
  • Finding Jobs
  • Listening to Music

College Apps For Studying and Completing Assignments

Here are some of the Best Apps For College Students for making Assignments Easily and Very Effective or Completing their homework.You can find great apps that can revolutionize your learning experience. You can create your flashcards,renting textbooks,and finding study guides for almost any subject.So here are some apps given below you can download and use the:

  1. BenchPrep Companion

In this app you can prepare for GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test),GRE General Test,and LSAT(Law School Admission Test). You can also plan your study plan,lessons,practice questions,flashcards etc.

  • Price: Free for existing BenchPrep Users
  • Available On: Android and iOS


BrainScape is  basically used for making flashcards or browse through thousands of subjects and pre-made flashcards.Users can also track their learning process. I suggest you to take advantage of advanced technology in this flashcards app.

  • Price: Free(upgraded subscription available)
  • Available On: Android and iOS


Learning another language has never been easier. But with app you can learn new language very easily and in realistic manner.Apart from learning ANY LANGUAGE you can Learn How To Write,Read any language through a fun and easy-to-use app.I consider this app among the Best Apps For College Students|Professionals.

  • Price:Free(in-app purchases available)
  • Available On:Android and iOS
  • Download For Android: INSTALL NOW


No need to Buy Books From Amazon|Flipkart or from your local Stores as this app let you  rent books or buy books. This one is also among the Best App For College Students For Android|iOS 2018. You can also get assistance with completing the homework,assignments or for any other projects.

This app  also offers us the Live Tutors and Flashcards facilities.

  • Price:Free to Download but requires in-app purchases.
  • Available On: Android and iOS.

5.CliffsNotes Study Guides

This app lets you access literature study guides for a number of titles right in the palm of your hand.You can gain access to summaries,quizzes,cram plans and much more for most of the top literary titles that you might study in colleges.

  • Price:Free to Download,$1.99 for each in-app purchases(price may changes in future)
  • Available On: iOS


I must say this to You guys,this is the app that has taken the notes-taking to the next level.With Evernote,you no longer need to pack around a pen and notebook.You can brainstorm ideas,makes to-do lists,takes pictures of the pages and sketches,organize everything into  notebook format,and share with others or collaborate as a group.The app has even the ability to search handwritten content,so finding your past notes is easy.

7.iHomework 2

This app is also on the top list of My Best Apps For  College Students 2018,because this app allows you to keep track of all your assignments,deadlines and tasks and plan them out over a certain time period so that you are no left cramming at the last minute.

I forget on thing and that is this app let you manage your courses and instructors too and log your grades so that you always know your academic standing.

  • Price: Free(premium subscription available)
  • Available On: iOS


I am giving a simple task to you and that is Download this app and Discover why this app is referred to as a computational engine Knowledge. It’s different than a regular search engine because it can answer questions ,perform computations,prepare reports and Conduct Analysis.

I must say this to You that this app also let you find complicated Algebra and Calculus Equations or Find Chemistry, Engineering and Physics Formulas.

  • Price:$2.99
  • Available On:Android and iOS


Study let you create Flashcards and notes.In addition to organizing, and storing all of your notes and others courses materials, you can Upgrade to get access to a library of more than 350 million study materials and guides.

  • Price: Free for Basic Version
  • Available On:Android and iOS

10.RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Now it’s the time to change the old-age calculator,maybe i said it right.So,Ditch the stand-alone calculator and complete all of your computing right from your mobile device.This app looks and operates like the real thing. And you can take screenshot of your calculations for quick reference at a later date.

  • Price:Free
  • Available On:Android

11.Microsoft Office Mobile

Gain mobile access to popular software programs like Word,Excel,PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office products that you use.With a 365 subscription,you can store your documents in the cloud and access them from any of your device.

  • Price:Free to Download ;requires Office 365 subscription
  • Available On:Android and iOS

College Apps for Managing Your Time and Staying Organized|Best Apps For College Students

Keeping Track of Life’s day to day details can be a tall order for anybody.But in the Social Era, students throws their time into various things and things get extra challenging.

Thankfully, many great apps are available to make everything a little more manageable.


Ensure that you get out of bed on time and have a good start to your day.Alarmy forces you to wake up and makes it nearly impossible to oversleep.You can adjust  your settings so that when your alarm comes on,you have to take a picture of certain spot in your living space in order to shut it off.Or you may choose to shake your phone for a pre-set amount of time or solve a complicated math problem so that your brain and body becomes wide awake right away.

  • Price:$1.99
  • Available On: Android and iOS


If you have lot of social,professional accounts then you might forget your passwords sometimes. But now you don’t have to worry because Dashlane has the solution of this problem.

This app allows you to safely store all of your passwords in one spot,generate unique passwords for all of your accounts, and use the app’s secure mobile wallet.

  • Price:Free(paid subscription available)
  • Available On:Android and iOS

14.Good Morning Alarm Clock

Fall in love with the smartest alarm clock you’ll ever have.You can assign a half-hour wake-up range and the alarm will come on at the most optimal time based on your sleep patterns. The app also track your sleep quality and it will even notify when you have a sleep deficit.

  • Price:Free for Android (in-app purchases available); $4.99 for iOS
  • Available On: Android and iOS

15.G Suite(formerly Google Apps)

Keep all of your Google Accounts right at your fingertips.You can access Sheets,Slides,Drive,Calendar,Gmail,and all the other Google Apps from any of your devices.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS

16.iStudiez Pro

This is the most powerful planner to stay on top of your busy college life.You can schedule daily and weekly tasks and assignments, you can also easily manage your assignments and homework and record your class schedule,courses and instructor details,holiday and current grades and GPA.

  • Price:$3.69 for Android and $2.99 for iOS
  • Available On: Android and iOS

17.Instapaper or Pocket

Start using one of the convenient website bookmarking app in order to keep track of many Articles you want to Read later. You can read items Online or Offline in mobile-optimized view.Your content is easy to organize and sort, and you can access it from any of your devices.

Plus text-to-speech technology means that you can simply listen to it if you prefer.

  • Price:Free
  • Available On:Android and iOS


Get 50 GB Free cloud storage so that you can manage and share your files from any device. This app eliminates the need to stress about how you’re going to store all of your files.

  • Price:Free(Upgrades available)
  • Available On:Android and iOS


You can turn your mobile device into a portable scanner. You can take a picture of anything and turn it into a shareable PDF that you can email or send to other storage apps like Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Price:Free to Download(in-app purchases)
  • Available On:Android and iOS


Use the ultimate to-do list to keep your busy life on track.You can manage all your tasks,even if you are offline.You can schedule deadlines and creates sub-tasks and sub-projects in order to keep everything flowing smoothly. AND you can share the tasks via this app.This app is among the top of list of Best Apps For College Students in 2018.

  • Price:Free to Download(in-app purchases)
  • Available On:Android and iOS

Best App For Handling Your Finances|Best Apps For College Students

As I and You also know that for colleges students,managing the finances is a top concern. Do you relate with that? There are variety of safe and security apps that can help you plan a budget,pay your bills and live within your means.Check out the following favorites of many students just like you.

21.Left to Spend

Use on of the simplest budgeting app on the market for people who don’t want all of the bells and whistles that are offered by many other financial management apps.In this app you can set a daily budget and enter the amount you spend.This app shows you your remaining allowances for the day,week or month.

  • Price:$2.99
  • Available On: iOS


Easily manage your finances,bank accounts,bills,credit cards,and investments from just one app.Along with staying on top of your bills and keeping track of your credit score,you can review your spending habits and see where you may be able to save money.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS

23. Cash App

Download this app so that you can conveniently and securely manage your cash.It’s like a combination of a wallet and online banking.You can send and receive payments,make purchases,and conduct other financial transactions.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS

Top Apps for Caring For Your Health|Safety|and Fitness


College Life is busy. With so much studying and socializing,it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself.Check out these Health and Fitness Apps that can help you stay safe and in shape while on Campus. These apps are considered Best Apps For College Students in 2018.

24.Circle 6

Discover what some people call the Best App For College Students who want to make sure that someone always has their back.

You select six people to use as your safety contacts.If you’re out somewhere in an unsafe situation,then you simply click once to have a text go out to your location or send a message  requesting a phone call to help you leave a bad situation.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS

25.Couch To 5K

The name says it all. The Popular Running App help you get off the couch and start building your stamina so that you are eventually able to run 5 KILOMETERS.

  • Price: $3.79 for Android and $2.99 for iOS
  • Available On: Android and iOS

26.First Aid American Red Cross

By this app you will be able to get all the Expert Health Advice and Medical Emergency Advice at your fingertips in very simple and easy way.You can find out how to handle any First Aid Situation.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS


This is Very Famous App On Play Stores as this app let you know the amazing Power of Meditation and take control of every area of your life. This app helps you take some of the unnecessary stress out of your life. Headspace is on the top list of Best Apps For College Students.

  • Price: Free for Basic Membership
  • Available On: Android and iOS


Easily Keep Track of what you eat and How Many Calories You Consume with this handy app.

  • Price: Free(premium subscription available)
  • Available On: Android and iOS

29.Pocket Yoga

Take your Yoga Practice wherever you go. Along with access to a number of instructional guides, illustrations, and a dictionary of poses, you can also track your progress.

  • Price: $4 for Android and $2.99 for iOS
  • Available On: Android and iOS


This app is one of the Best App For College Students as you can access to personalized Video Workouts. You can choose the pre-built workouts for specific types of exercise-like strength training, Yoga, or Pilates-or Parts of your Body.

  • Price: Free(premium upgrade available)
  • Available On: Android and iOS

Best Apps For Socializing and Staying Connected

A big part of College Life is staying Connected to the Social Scene. You’ll likely be making new friends and Trying Out New Activities. Many of these apps help you to connect with your friends and Groups.

31. Group and Individual Messaging Apps

So many messaging apps are available that I have grouped some of them together instead of listing them separately. They tend to offer the same basic features as Calling, Chatting, Sharing Content, Posting Content etc. Everyone knows that these apps are on the top list of Best Apps For College Students in 2018.

Apart from Popular Apps Like Facebook’s Messenger, some of the other Social Apps For College Students are :

  1. WhatsApp
  2. WeChat
  3. Dasher Messenger
  4. Hangouts
  5. Viber
  6. LINE
  7. Twitter
  8. hike

Best Apps For Shopping|Best Apps For College Students

College Students are wise to stretch to stretch their dollars as far as they can.That’s why you may want to check out some of Top Shopping Apps that can help you find excellent discounts on everything you buy.


Amazon is the one of the Top Shopping App not in India only but in Whole World also. With this app you have access with millions of products everyone wants to buy. We get the cheapest and the Quality products on Amazon India.There is no doubt that Amazon can be listed in Top 5 Best Apps For College Students in the list of 40+ apps.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS


Groupon is an e-commerce app which allows us to find the Best Daily Deals in almost every consumer category you can imagine.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS


Uncover Amazing Deals Every Day for a huge selection of Consumer Goods ranging from shoes and Clothing to housewares.

  • Price : Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS

Best Apps For Finding Entertainment and Staying Current

College is about Balance. It’s all important to plan some downtime. Whether you want to kick back and relax in your dorm room or go out on the town, here are some apps that can help you to exactly that.


Get access to your favorite publications, podcasts, videos, and blogs-all in one place. Very easy to use and handle this app. Most of the important news, articles can be shown in one place.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS


Find the Best Restaurants, bars and Entertainment Establishments wherever you are.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS


You can Read all Kind Of Books as this app gives you access to a huge selection of audiobooks, magazines, news articles, sheet music, and other published material.

  • Price: Free(upgraded subscriptions available)
  • Available On: Android and iOS


Ideas Worth Spreading-tagline of TED. You can listen to many Inspiring Talks from the Influential Persons around the World.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS


This is also a magical App because this app lets you find Anything you want like Best Places to Drink, Best Places to Eat, Best Places to Shop and Best Places to have Fun. You can also read what other peoples say and you can write your own reviews too about your experiences.

  • Price: Free
  • Available On: Android and iOS

Great Apps For Listening To Music|Best Apps For College Students


From studying to exercising to relaxing to road-tripping, college students usually have epic playlists with them wherever they go. So I found the some Of the Best App For College Students in 2018, have a look at these apps.


On this app, You can access Unlimited Music And Audio Entertainment via thousands of Radio Stations, Podcasts, Comedy Shoes, and more.

  • Price: Free(upgraded premium version)
  • Available On: Android and iOS


Saavn App is the Top Music App on the Play Store and on Apple Store also. Millions of People Listen to SAAVN app daily. This app has many categories which users like the most. We can make a queue of the songs and our favorite songs will start playing one by one.

  • Price: Free(upgraded version is premium)
  • Available On: Android and iOS


Discover more music that you can possibly imagine. You can choose from thousands of artists, genres, albums,pre-made playlists etc.

  • Price: Free(upgrades available)
  • Available On: Android and iOS

Top Apps For Finding Jobs|Best Apps For College Students

Whether You are preparing for Summer Break or Approaching graduation,finding a job may be on your mind.Luckily,apps are available there to help you land the kind of job you’re after.

In this Section I will tell you the Best Apps For College Students which are very useful for Senior Students as well as for Professionals.

43.Resume-Building Apps

In market, Great Apps are available for Building a Resume For Freshers.There are some apps that can build your Winning Resume on any of Mobile Device.They can help you highlighting your Knowledge,skills,experience and Education History.Consider apps such as:

  1. Resume Star(iOS Only)
  2. iResume(Android and iOS)
  3. My Resume Builder(Android Only)

44. Job Search Apps

Those time has gone in which we used to look for advertisements in the newspaper for the jobs or sometimes used to take help of our relations to Get Job.

Instead of searching the Internet for hours,I am telling You the some exceptional apps that Search For Jobs and deliver Potential Opportunities directly to your handheld device and that is why i selected some of the Best Apps For College Students in this Article.

  1. CarrerBuilder
  2. Indeed
  3. JobAware(iOS only)
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Monter Jobs
  6. Simply Hired


So,these are some of the Best Apps For College Students which i found on Internet after doing lot of Research.From Financial Issue to Assignments to Health to Fitness to Finding Jobs to Finding Some Best Music Apps For Android|iOS,I have covered every important topic of students life for which Android Apps are available.I hope You will like these apps and will try definitely.

Drop your Comment if i forgot any important app to mention here .AND SUGGEST ME WHICH APP YOU USES THE MOST OR the Best Apps For College Students in 2018.

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